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FAZE has a non-insignificant learning curve. Please review this page if you are unfamiliar with text-based games or would like to learn how FAZE differs from other MUDs, MUCKs, MOOs, or MUSHes.

Commands Primer

Moving Around

You can move around with north, east, south, west, up, and down.

When you enter a new room, you will automatically look. If you want to look at the room again, just type look.

You can get more information by looking at something more closely. Specify a target to the look command to get more detail about something or read a book. E.G. look key (look at an item with key in its name) or look zashi (look at a player named zashi).


You can communicate via the say command. Any line that starts with a single quote ' is treated as though it were prefixed with say. Only those in the same room as you can hear what you say. You can yell, though it's a bit rude. yelling gets you heard in your current room and all adjacent rooms.

Manipulating Items

To use an item, type use <item>. E.G. use knife. To use an item on or against something, specify a target. E.G. use key door. Some items need to be in your possession before you can use them. Some don't. You can try taking an item with the get command. E.G. get key. To see what items you have in your posession use the inventory command.

Using Indicies

Sometimes there will be multiple items in a room or in your inventory you can manipulate or reference. You can clarify which you mean using an index. For example, say there's a brown chest and a brown key in the room with you. If you type get brown You get You cannot take a brown chest.. You could then try get 1.brown to specify the second thing in the room that 'brown' matches. If there were a third you could specify get 2.brown. (Doing get 0.brown and get brown are the samething.)

Commands Manual

For an exhaustive review of the commands available in FAZE, please checkout the commands page. Yes, there is an exhaustive list. Guessing commands is not a gameplay feature of faze.

Life in the Game

There's a few ways you can approach playing. You could look for a 'way out'. Whatever that means. You could try to get as far away from the starting point (the hostel) as possible. You could try and get as many Progress Points as possible.

Playing Hints

A basic strategy to play could be (in this order):

  1. Look at everything.
  2. Read everything.
  3. Get everything.
  4. Use everything.

If you're stuck or lost, try retracing your steps. And re-reading everything. If you're super-super stuck, trying exploring elsewhere--after the first few puzzles, the game takes a non-linear path. You do not have to do everything in order.