Command Description Usage Example
northIf possible, move in the named direction.
look Get a detailed description of the room, an item (in the room or in your posession), or a player. look ?target? look
look door
say Say something to the room. say <message> say Hello room!
yell Raise your voice! Those in adjacent rooms will hear you. yell <message> yell For the love of god, help me!
get Get an item from the room or from a container. get <item> ?item? get box
get key box
drop Remove an item from your inventory and place it in the room. drop <item> drop key
put Put an item, in the room or in your inventory, inside another item. put <item> <item> put key box
inventory List all the items in your posession. inventory inventory
help Get help information in-game. help ?topic? help
help use
help commands2
toggle Toggle game options. With no arguments, it shows your current settings. With an argument you toggle that option on or off. Currently, you can enable or disable the use of color and sound. toggle ?option? toggle
toggle sound
toggle color
progress List all your accomplishments. progress progress
sleep Have your character go to sleep / quit the game. You must answer y or n after entering this command. sleep sleep
quit quitquit
use Use an item. An item may either be in the room with your, or in your inventory. It may require being in one place or the other to be used. The use command always requires at least one argument. You can also use an item against another item. use <item> ?item? use door
use key door
credits Places blame where blame is due. credits credits