Getting Started

So you're interested in playing? Great! This page serves as your guide. These instructions assume you've never played a MUD or other multi-player online game before.


It is highly recommended to use a MUD client. FAZE is not exactly a MUD, but it follows the basic operations of one (telnet connection, line-buffered input and output, rooms, 6-directional movement). The game and engine were designed assuming a MUD client would be used. FAZE also supports some MUD-specific features such as the MUD Compression Protocol and the MUD Sound Protocol.




FAZE runs on, port 4000.

On the off-chance you have URIs enabled for your client, you can launch from here: telnet://

Creating an Account

To create an account, connect to the FAZE server and enter 'new' (without quotes) at the login prompt. You will be asked a series of questions (what you want your account's name to be, gender, and password) and then you will be dropped into the game at the starting point.

Basic Play

Once you have created an account and logged in, you explore, manipulate items, and chat in FAZE by typing commands. This should be familiar to anyone who has played a MUD, MUCK, or MUSH before. Typing commands should be an intuitive process for anyone who has used the command line in Windos, DOS, or Unix/Linux. After logging in, pretty much anything you type will be interpretted as a command.

The world of faze is made up of "rooms". Everywhere you can go is a room. A long road is a series of rooms. A building might have a pretty predictable mapping of one game-room per one building-room, but a large building-room might be mapped to two or more game-rooms. Each room has 6 possible exits or paths that may lead to another game-room: north, east, south, west, up, and down. To move in that direction, type that direction's name and press enter.

When you move into a room you will automatically 'look'. 'Look'ing shows you the room's name, description, any items, and any other players in the room. You can look at the room via the look command (type look and press enter). If you would like to get more detail on a specific item or player, you may specify a target to the look command.

More Help

If you need further assistance, try the help page. There is also the in-game help command which will provide detailed information on individual commands and other topics.

Playing Tips

FAZE is a whole world, rich with descriptions and texture. Exploration and discovery are key. Information is the only resource you can really hold on to and it will benefit you to keep notes.