FAZE the Online Game

FAZE is a free-to-play minimally multi-player online text game. It is a text-based puzzle. It is a multi-player novel. Sometimes you must seek out others to help you solve puzzles and proceed farther. Sometimes you must avoid others-- because their only way forward is to kill you. Or maybe they just don't like you.

FAZE is not...

FAZE is...

A Multiplayer Puzzle

Most puzzles can be solved on your own. Some puzzles require cooperation; others are a competition.

A Mystery

It's up to you to figure out just what's going on in the world of FAZE. What happened to all the people? Why are you there?

A Game of Exploration

There are thousands of rooms and thousands of items all of which may or may not serve a purpose in one of the hundreds of puzzles.

A Real Time Game

Some puzzles are only solvable at certain times of the day. Game time is the same as wall-clock time. FAZE takes place in the Eastern Time Zone.